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Welcome to DaT Nuzlocke: A HG/SS Pokemon Gijinka Nuzlocke Comic.

A Pokemon gijinka nuzlocke comic based on Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.

March 2017 News

Hey Smackjeeves readers! Long time no see :D
I have been inactive for months unexpectedly due to school, work, and bingewatching/fangirling over Jojo's Bizarre Adventure haha...
Just finished uploading page 20.5 on here so I hope you all enjoy that page--Sorry for the long wait! A shoutout and huge thank you to Grey Trentel, portrait11, lilythekitsune, bekkomi, Kaitryn Doyle, and PlutonianFrost-fox for supporting me on Patreon! I really appreciate everyone's help ;v;

Speaking of Patreon, here is the link to mine for DaT nuzlocke and for general art!: Patreon

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March News

Yo! Just updated page 17b right now and I just wanted to give a heads up about April and May. Since I have AP testing and high school graduation coming up, there may be delay on the next part of page 17. (Yes there is a part C because part B would have exceeded 40,000 pixels and there is no way I can finish that before April hits.....)
Thank you for reading DaT Nuzlocke. Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully we'll get back to Noah and gang soon!

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Happy New Year!

I still wish that I updated/be active more for this nuzlocke for 2015. But eyy new characters have been introduced, badges have been acquired, the story is picking up... ANYWAY GONNA BE MUSHY BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS BUT thank you all for following this absurd comic and for all of the support. Like heck, I got first place for Best Art Style and Best Rival as well as being second for Best Overall Comic in the Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza. You guys are too awesome and amazing, so I hope yall have a great 2016!

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December News!

Yo Smackjeeves users! I don't really do much on here except upload, but the super nice comments and readers are appreciated!

Just wanted to tell y'all that senior year in high school is going well. I'm started my final exams in two days, but I think I can knock 'em down easily. Anyway, this means winter break is next week so hopefully I can be more productive with the nuzlocke :>

I have made a Google Sheet for readers to add their character references in so that I can cameo them into my nuzlocke! Click me if you want your character to be in the comic!

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August Newsss

Hello hello! Forgot to make an updates post right after I uploaded page 14 but I guess I'll go ahead and do it now haha. First off, summer break has ended so I'm back in good ol' high school and it's my senior year too... (I already got senioritis rip me I wanna graduate right now man...)
I also got myself a job at a local bakery (that my bro already works in and he's one of the co-managers fFF) so ye ye!

I can't really guarantee the 'updates every month' thing about my nuz comic but I'll try my best to stick with it (or maybe at least update in two months jfc). I know for sure I'm not going to be on a 8 month hiatus or something, unless something bad pops up haha. But ye, just wanted to give y'all a heads up. Hope you guys had a great summer and good luck to those who are going back to school/already in school!

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July news

Copied from my Nuzlocke Tumblr:

OKAY I’m gonna be busy this whole month because of church/new job/prep classes/whatevermyparentsplanned (which is why I’m inactive as fuck on Skype atm) so I can’t guarantee an update this month. There’s a chance that I might update because I finished this and two other parts of the page, but I still have more to go u_u Anyway, sorry for the delay but I will definitely update in August. Maybe I can make two updates in August to make up for this month's but not sure atm.

Check my Nuzlocke Tumblr for future updates/news

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Small Hiatus Thing

From now to the beginning of June, updates for DaT nuzlocke will be slow because of exams and such. I really need to study lol... Hope you guys don't mind and thanks for being great readers!

posted by Nyapapa @ March 18th, 2015, 4:04 pm   2 comments

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